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Bijapur, once the cradle of Vachankaras and Vachanan Literature, became the capital of the Adil Shahi’s who constructed world famous monuments like Gol-Gumbaz and Ibrahim Roza. In the course of history, though a district of five rivers, it remained backward in every respect under the British rule. An educationally and economically backward district Bijapur had a bright ray of hope when men of philanthropy founded Bijapur Liberal District Education Association (BLDEA) with a visionary zeal in year 1910.

The BLDEA meant to accomplish the twin objectives mentioned below by starting schools and colleges for the deserving poor of the district.

  1. Instituting scholarships and prizes
  2. Running free houses and hostels for the needy.

Behind the inception of this association was the vision, foresight, and relentless efforts of eminent lovers of Knowledge like Vachana Pitamaha Dr. P.G. Halakatti, Shivayogi Sangana Basava Swamiji of Banthanal and their disciples. Further, its patron the late Shri. B.M. Patil, the then Minister in Government of Karnataka, fostered and elevated the Association to its present academic qualitative and quantitative heights.

At present the BLDE Association has honed and nurtured 75 educational institutions ranging from High Schools to Professional Colleges which include Medical College under BLDE University, Engineering, Business Management, Fine Arts, Law, Education, Pharmacy etc.

Today BLDE Association glows as one of the leading educational associations of Karnataka, conceived with a framework under the dynamic President and well known versatile visionary Shri M.B. Patil, Cabinet Minister, Govt. of Karnataka.